8 Must-Follow Marketing Thought Leaders

Marketing Thought Leaders

Where do you turn for insights and advice on running your enterprise? Most people read blogs, watch videos and read books that touch on various business areas. While this is good, if you want to be up to date with the happenings in the field, you need to follow the thought leaders. These people influence the direction of advertising through their deep knowledge and influence. You find them invited to events as keynote speakers, contributors in magazines and online platforms such as Fullboothmarketing to give insights. Here are eight such thought leaders.

  1. Evan Bailyn

Bailyn is a Google expert. He is also a bestselling author and an entrepreneur who owns First Page Sage, a leading SEO firm in the USA. Bailyn helps enterprises rank favourably in the relevant keywords. Follow him if you need some insights on ranking your site in the relevant search results and ways to translate the ranking into revenue. He also provides advice on B2B lead generation.

  1. Adam Grant

Adam Grant has authored books like Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success. He proposes that leadership involves helping improve the lives of others. He has released hundreds of materials on handling customers, creating promotions and capturing markets. Adam also offers insights on management, especially to small and middle-level companies looking to break into the market and are low on resources.

  1. Seth Godin

Seth is the founder of the Akimbo podcast, a teacher and a bestselling author. He believes that marketers should always connect with customers by knowing their pain points and being empathic. Follow him to know how to gain trust from your audience and make them believe what you tell them. He has also published 19 books on various areas, including customer engagement, advocacy, niches and growing your audience.

  1. Goldie Chan

Goldie is a LinkedIn video creator, award-winning keynote speaker, and social media influencer often called the Oprah of LinkedIn. Follow her to know about video management and influencer advertisements. She also helps marketers to create videos and translate engagement into actual sales revenue. She works with B2B and B2C industries, helping them optimise their videos to get the message to the target market.

  1. Mari Smith

Mari Smith is commonly referred to as the Queen of Facebook for some reason. She has built her career around social media branding, is a leading marketer and speaker and hosts a webcast. She is the thought leader to follow if you are looking for insights on building trust and engagement with your target market and increasing your social media reach.

  1. Ross Simmonds

Rich Simmonds is a digital marketing strategist. He has an eCommerce store specifically for entrepreneurs called Hustle and Grind and a consulting agency. Rich has gone out his way to help marketers sell and engage with B2B and B2C markets by giving insights on account-based selling, social media advertising and multi-channel visibility.

  1. Larry Kim

Larry Kim works for WordStream, a pay-per-click management service firm. He has deep knowledge of PPC and Adwords. He also heads Mobile Monkey, a solution provider in enhancing Facebook messaging for business. Follow him to learn about driving online traffic, leadership in managing team efforts and converting traffic into actual sales.

  1. Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark is a lead contributor in the Harvard business review. She has become an authority in influencer strategies and niche targeting. Dorie works with various consulting firms in areas of digital advertisement and customer follow-up. She also shares insights into awareness building on a low budget.

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