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No need for a car rental agency anymore when you can opt for a more affordable option. If you are in Europe or in the US visit and rent a car of your choice in minutes. Compared to the old ways of car rental near me agencies you can save up to 30% hiring a car from an individual or a professional. You should not worry about the administrative tasks and maintenance. Getaround has everything in place for you!

How it works

Before you embark on the trip, make sure you book a Getaround connect car. Go to the ‘rent a car near me’ option and choose the best that you want from available options. There is a filtering option where you get to choose the rental car by type, size, model or any other feature that you want. If it is your first time to use Getaround connect, verify your profile. Upload photos of your identity card and driving license. You will access the car wherever you are using the app, book it in just a single tap and then check-in, and unlock the phone with the application. You will find the keys inside the car then from there you will manage the entire trip using this app. Once your trip is over, check out using the application to end your trip, leave the keys inside the car and lock the car using the application. In case you have driven a longer distance than the booking allowed; the car hire price will adjust automatically. This also applies whenever you leave the car not fueled. Share the referral code with your friends and when they rent a vehicle, you automatically earn credit.

What you should know

• Rental car price Various factors determine the car hire near me price. These include the duration of hire, car size, and the rental period. Manual vehicles cost much less than automatic vehicles and are common in Europe. It is advisable to pick a car at one location then drop it off at a certain location. This saves you a lot of backtracking as well as time. You need to consider if the extra charge you will pay for different pick-up and drop off location is worth saving that time and extra driving.

• Picking a car at a train station or an airport Car rental at the airport or the train station is convenient but attracts an extra fee. At these places, there are many rental cars, therefore, you will not get stuck waiting for the car of your choice. It is important to weigh and see whether the extra fee is worth the convenience.

An international driver’s permit

Your IDL consists of your name, photo, and driver information, but it does not replace your driving license. This means that you should have them both in the list of the items required. This is not so mandatory in Europe but it is good to have one in case they ask for it when you want to rent a car.

Watch Where you go and Familiarize with the Road Rules

You may be prohibited to drive across some countries. It is good to let your rental agency be aware of your trip to confirm if those areas are okay. In case you are crossing borders, it is important to familiarize yourself with the road rules of the other countries. In Europe driving on the right-hand side is the rule, what of the other countries; you will need to find out!

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