How long does motorcycle term insurance last?

After the term insurance contracts for cars and other commercial vehicles, two-wheelers can now benefit from this fixed-term coverage offer without any long-term commitment. But what do you need to know about this interesting and economical product?

Term motorcycle insurance, how does it work?

Also called temporary insurance, motorcycle term insurance is a contract that covers your two-wheelers for a short period of time. The duration of coverage is defined at the time of subscription so you can choose according to your needs and its use. Unlike traditional insurance, which lasts one year, this insurance can last from 1 to 30 days, which leaves you a wide margin in the choice of underwriting. At the end of the scheduled expiry date, there is no need to terminate the contract as the guarantees cancel each other out immediately. However, the contract is renewable if you wish. This can happen, for example, if you have incorrectly estimated the number of days required for coverage. More economical than traditional motorcycle insurance, this temporary coverage is also known for the simplicity and ease of the underwriting process. You can do it online or with an insurance company, in both cases, few documents will be required: a copy of the registration document, a copy of the driver's licence and a copy of the vehicle's paper. If you have any doubts, click here for more information.

Term motorcycle insurance: what are the conditions? Why would you do that? For whom? For whom?

Before taking out term insurance, it is important to know the various possible offers, but also the conditions to be met to be eligible for this type of coverage. The subscription conditions to know are: . Be between 21 and 70 years of age . Holder of a valid motorcycle licence for at least 2 years . Only vehicles between 125 and 750 cc are concerned by the offer . Small and very large engines excluded (50 cc, scooter, moped...) . No traffic violations or offences . No withdrawal or cancellation of permits during the 5 years preceding the subscription The temporary cover can be very interesting in many cases, but it is especially ideal for motorcyclists who only drive their two-wheelers on specific occasions: summer holidays, unexpected, rare use of a vintage motorcycle, borrowed motorcycle.... It is also aimed at owners of two-wheelers wishing to participate in specific events: competitions, exhibitions, trade fairs in a foreign country, rallies, etc. Finally, note that term insurance is not suitable for all driver profiles. Indeed, a motorcyclist who enjoys riding his motorcycle regularly will not find much interest in it since it does not improve the amount of his insurance premium and he risks piling up the contracts. This offer is therefore more suitable for occasional driving or participation in a event.

How long does it take to subscribe?

The maximum duration of a motorcycle term insurance is only 30 days, i.e. 1 month, which is why the offer is mainly used for a specific activity or a short-term necessity. Depending on your coverage needs, you can opt for an insurance contract for 1, 10, 15 or 30 days. However, this number of guaranteed days may vary depending on the institution, so check before you decide. Temporary daily insurance is an option that can be useful in some cases; . Your motorcycle is impounded for lack of insurance, you need coverage to get it back . You only use your vehicle for a short period of time once or twice a year . You are going to participate in a race.... Since coverage only lasts one day, the underwriting procedure has been simplified, making it much easier for you. For any two-wheeler, the 1-month motorcycle insurance is more appropriate for motorcyclists with a foreign license or owners who need to insure their vehicle for 30 days; . Moving a vintage motorcycle and needing coverage in case of damage . Motorcycle riding during holidays or travel . Vehicle purchased to cross borders, etc.

What guarantees are included?

Since temporary insurance is short-term, it is not primarily intended to provide very extensive coverage. They are essentially limited to the essential coverages; however, some companies may offer additional options depending on your request. The coverages included in the term motorcycle insurance will only be used to legally travel on public roads. Thus, only the civil liability coverage, imposed by law, is obligatorily included in the contract. This coverage covers personal injury and/or material damage caused to a third party in the event of an incident. Depending on the contracts, it is also possible to benefit from a guarantee of assistance and legal protection. If necessary, do not hesitate to complete your coverage with additional options such as driver coverage or breakdown assistance. Just make sure that the amount of the insurance premium is within your means.
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