How to make money easily?

bakn0spyYou need a little money urgently, but you don't necessarily have time to go through job ads, update your CV, and have interviews? There are tricks if you're smart and resourceful.

Rent your equipment

Why keep your ski equipment in your closet all year round when it only serves you for one or two weeks? rent your equipment, for a win-win solution, you will get a few euros back, and you will help other students who can then have access to skis at low prices. And it also works for the rest of the year with camping equipment (tent, stove, barbecue...) or DIY equipment (lawnmowers are very popular, a tool bag too). Gain: depending on the purpose and duration of the rental.

Get rich with your mobile phone

By registering for certain smartphone applications, you can become a tester. You are thus fulfilling missions: giving your opinion on advertising campaigns, on a store or a satisfaction survey. The advantage: with your geolocation, the apps consider the stores around you, send you an alert and it only takes a few minutes.  On the same principle, you can also help individuals around you who need a good handyman or to set up their shopping. Gain: from 1 to 10 euros per mission.

Advertise on your car

If you have trouble paying off your city car's bills or struggle to pay for gas, consider contacting specialized companies, who will stick ads by the week or month on your bodywork in exchange for your mileage. The more you drive, the more you win, in terms of visibility. If you do not own a car, inform your parents to try to convince them to join this concept. Go so far as to dare to ask them to receive a share of this income, telling them that you will drive it every weekend! You will be a double winner! Gain: from 40 to 500 euros per month depending on the agency, the size of the advertisement, and the mileage.
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