Can you add rental car insurance after an accident?

rental car insurance

After you get involved in a road accident and have insurance, it is typical for you to claim a rental car from the insurance company. This may be because your car was your main means of transport. You could use it to ferry children to school, use it to go to work or for therapy sessions.

Care hire excess insurance have a team of professionals who will see to it that you get your rental car with ease as you wait for them to fix your car. This article will learn more about rental car insurance and what to do after an accident. Therefore, get more information from the article below.

Points to remember when your Car gets an Accident

When driving on the road, your safety and those of others on the road should be your priority. It is quite common for drivers to drive at high speed, mostly when driving through a highway or a congested road. In turn, this reckless action may lead to accidents.

The situation will be less hectic if the car you are driving is yours. However, if it is a rental car, then get ready to face the tough conditions of the rental car company. Therefore, if the car you were driving is a rental, here are the right steps to follow.

1. Call for Help

This should be the first thing in your mind after an accident. You can scream for help or call the ambulance team for medical attention. If the accident is serious, you will need people to help you move to a secure place to get help, such as the hospital. This will be in cases where you could not call an ambulance or have serious injuries that need immediate medical attention.

2. Call the Rental Car Insurance Company

Insurance companies like car hire excess often inure their vehicles and before you start using the rental, ask about the insurance paper from the company. If the car lacks insurance, then be ready to pay more penalty fees. That is why it is important to buy car rental excess insurance whenever you get a rental car.

Ideally, you should request the insurance papers before you start using a rental car. Please go through it and see the insurance limit they offer in cases of an accident. You may be wondering, is car hire excess insurance worthwhile? Or do I need excess protection car hire? The answer is yes. When you get in an accident when driving a rental and you get in an accident; you had chosen car hire excess insurance as your insurance company, then they will take care of certain damages.

3. File a Police Report

Report the matter to the police station and present the report to the rental company. Also, keep a copy of the same for reference. The police will request your driver’s license, but remember to get it back as you will need it to present to the car company.

4. Contact the Car Company

Is it worth buying car hire excess insurance? You will know the benefits of getting insurance with car hire excess at this stage. Take the car to a mechanic and repair it to be on the safer side. It is better to do first aid before presenting the car to the company. However, the car company may insist that the driver pays a certain amount of damage fee regardless. Therefore, go through the terms of the agreement before repairing the car.

Despite you getting an annual car hire excess insurance or whichever duration your insurance will last, try to drive safely while on the road. Always ensure that your tank is full to prevent any inconveniences. Car hire excess insurance compare is among the best insurance companies to insure your car in.

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