Health benefits of diamond stone

diamond stone

When it comes to natural stones, diamonds are one of the most potent, offering both health benefits for the body and improved mental well-being. First mined in the Southern Hemisphere before being traded all around the world, diamonds have long been admired for their dazzling beauty and used as a status symbol. They are particularly synonymous with those who want to show off material wealth, as well as a symbol of everlasting love, with diamonds the gemstone that is most commonly used when it comes to engagement rings. Diamonds are usually found in the Earth’s Mantle, which is part of the Earth’s uppermost surface layer. One of the purest of minerals, diamonds form after billions of years of immense pressure and scorching hot temperatures, making them highly sort after and continually very desirable.

Diamond And Natural Stones

Diamonds and natural stones have long been widely regarded and actively used for their health benefits. These include both help and support for internal bodily imbalances, as well as improved clarity and mental health too. Although many crystals and gemstones need ‘charging’ over time as they absorb negative energy, diamonds are one stone that are able to withstand all these unwanted frequencies without the need for ‘recharging’, making them perfect to wear every day. When it comes to health, diamonds are often called the master healer stone. This is because diamonds are great for enhancing health in all aspects of the mind and body, but in particular can help with speeding up the metabolism and helping the body to detoxify. Due to diamonds being able to assist with the removal of waste from the body, they are also thought to be particularly helpful when it comes to clearing blockages such as bladder and kidney stones, as well as helping with constipation and all retentive issues in the body.

As diamonds are all about clarity, it is therefore perhaps no wonder that they are the perfect natural stone to choose when it comes to taking care of your mental health and promoting increased stamina and renewed creative energies. They assist with heightening brain frequency levels and can have restorative properties for serious mental illness and are ideal for those suffering with anxiety or nervous dispositions. Along with helping enhance mental well-being and clarity, diamonds are also used to alleviate sight issues, including more serious eye related issues such as glaucoma.

Diamonds are all about reconnecting with yourself and your soul’s purpose and are especially powerful at moments of transition as they hold the energies that come with a new beginning. If you want to learn even more about diamonds, which come in such a wide variety of cuts and origins, click here.

Litho Therapy

Litho therapy is another name for crystal healing, and harnesses the power and frequencies emitted by gemstones and minerals in order to promote their health benefits and enhance a person’s overall well-being. The use of crystals and gemstones to undertake healing in this way has been used all over the world for centuries, with mentions in the Bible as well as ancient Chinese medicine and the Indian alternative medicinal practice of Ayurveda. This healing technique can be done by a practitioner, or practised alone. If you choose to go to a specialist for litho therapy, the practitioner will use a combination of reading and detoxifying your chakras and auras by harnessing the power of gemstones. They may choose to lay these on the body directly, for example at the different chakra body points, or have you hold the crystals as they work around you. Some crystals can be combined together for a more potent effect, whilst others work best in isolation. Diamonds in this context are most likely to be used in their most raw crystal form as opposed to diamonds which are selected and cut for specific jewellery pieces. This is to ensure that their energy flow is not disrupted and that they are able to strengthen and cleanse whichever area of the body they are activating.

To continue to enjoy the benefits of gems and stones every day, you may choose to add them to your home living space or office area. Diamonds in particular vibrate at a high level, dispelling negative energy and also help to protect against toxic electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) omitted from home and office electronics and technologies. Your litho therapist will be able to advise as to which stones may work best for your needs, and also how to cleanse them periodically to remove any stale energies and keep them working at their highest and most optimum frequency levels.

Natural Stone Jewellery

Wearing natural stone jewellery is a great way to enjoy all the health and well-being benefits of natural gemstones. Natural stone jewellery doesn’t just look beautiful, but also provides the wearer with the opportunity to form a deeper connection to their inner consciousness as they wear it. Crystals and gemstones worn on the body can offer a source of calm and protection, helping to ward off negative energy as well as to attract health, wealth and all kinds of abundance too. Wearing diamonds and other gemstones can help to raise your vibrational frequency and help to manifest and attract more of what you want into your life. As diamonds are associated with financial abundance, everlasting love and the clarity required to maintain long-lasting relationships of all kinds, it is a great gemstone to choose for almost any dream or goal.

Different colours of diamonds are also associated with different areas of healing. For example, yellow diamonds help us to align with the solar plexus chakra, which helps us to be more in tune with our thought and emotions. Pink diamonds are thought to be close to the heart chakra and are great for emitting creative vibrational frequencies, whilst blue diamonds are closely associated with the throat chakra and are good to wear in times of needing the courage to speak our mind. Lastly, the unusual black diamonds are great for attracting a positive life which is without illusion and full of authenticity.

Wearing gemstone jewellery is also a great choice when it comes to sustainability. A piece of natural jewellery will not just last you a season, but for a lifetime. Diamonds in particular have long been colloquially known as a girl’s best friend because they hold tangible monetary and spiritual value that will never be out of style and will always be sought after and desirable.


There are many kinds of minerals that carry health and wellness properties. Each mineral that is created by the Earth is a unique chemical compound which carries with it its own innate beneficial uses. Diamonds are a prime example of mineral formation, with most formed via a process of intense pressure and heat, followed by cooling and separation, with small mineral particles forming slowly over millions, sometimes billions, of years. This process makes a mineral rich in a variety of different compounds, which our bodies can use both internally and externally. In the modern world, it can be easy to forget how much our bodies rely on these naturally occurring compounds to keep us healthy and to keep many industries working too.

A mineral can form from a number of different chemical compounds, but many of the most desirable gemstones will contain high levels of carbon. Carbon as an element is able to create bonds with many other atoms, and as our bodies are made up of 18% carbon, it is perhaps no wonder that stones such as diamonds can have such a powerful effect on our health and well-being.

Diamonds are made up of primarily carbon, so it is easy to understand why this gemstone would be particularly suitable when it comes to warding off negative energies. Another mineral high in carbon in shungite. Shungite is a gemstone native to Russia, and has long been used to purify water and protect against the harmful EMF wave emissions, much like diamonds, and has also been used for centuries to alleviate pain, especially joint pain. Graphite is another mineral composed mainly of carbon, but it does not carry the same health benefits of either diamonds or shungite.

When it comes to health benefits, diamonds remain the gemstone which has the most favourable mineral compound which allows it to have such a positive effect on the mind and body. Whether you choose to wear diamonds every day in jewellery settings, or instead prefer to keep this precious stone in your home environment or office space to enjoy its benefits, there is no other stone quite like it when it comes to promoting mental clarity and internal well-being and harmony.

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