Idea to decorate your home

When you see a place every day, you end up enjoying it less and less! If before, the interior decoration of our home made us vibrate, over time, we may no longer have the same feeling. So, if you're getting tired of everything related to home interior design, now is the time to get a fresh look at it with some creative ideas.

Finding the right decoration style

Before deciding, you must first identify your key items that will likely form the basis of your interior design project. For example, if you have furniture made of light wood, leather or fabric (linen or cotton), or furniture with compass feet, graphic and coloured boards or posters, metal objects, follow and brass... with these objects, you can create your Scandinavian decorative style. Then, you can do some research on the different styles of decoration (classic, zen, design, industrial, vintage, rustic, glamorous, modern...) Above all, take your time to read the different blogs on the web. At the same time, take note of what inspires you the most. And if you don't know which style to choose, or simply if you hesitate between 2 different styles, why not just mix them for even more originality? Especially if you have different rooms to decorate. Of course, mixing several styles at once will undoubtedly make the interior of your home more authentic, lively and complete.

Start by choosing the colour that will enhance your decoration

Colour can be considered as the basis for the design of your decoration. What's more, it immediately reflects your personality. So, before choosing a colour to enhance the interior of your home, you need to do a few preliminary analyses: find the colour(s) that best suits your skin, or that effectively integrates brightness, architectural elements, etc. To begin with, you can group set images with the colour that appeals to you the most. Then, depending on this, you can develop a colour palette that enhances your decoration. If you want, you can also refer to the style of decoration you have chosen to help you in your choice of colours. For example, if you are passionate about Scandinavian decorative design, you should rather focus on light colours: predominance of white (in several variations) with a few shades of grey, beige, light blue and pastel colours.

Above all, enjoy yourself!

To create an interior that reflects you and makes you vibrate, you can leave room for your creativity. Then, even if you are a perfectionist, trust your instincts while of course enjoying yourself. Above all, focus on simplicity instead of thinking of something sophisticated: "less is more! "It is also essential to remain patient, even if the desire to bring a touch of freshness to your interior decoration is pressing you every day. With a little time, thought, research, trial and error, and even with a few mistakes, you will surely find a precise idea for your decoration style. And if you have the necessary budget, you can also call on a decoration professional to put all the chances on your side.
A large ethnic jute carpet

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