Online sale and purchase of works of art

The online art market is a new way out for all artists and amateurs wishing to broaden their visibility. Selling your masterpieces on the Internet reaches a larger audience since the web occupies a considerable place in everyday life. As a result, specialized sites on the sale of works of art set themselves the objective of providing a link between the art world and the public. There are still procedures to follow in order for a painting, sculpture or drawing to find a buyer. In order to regularize an online art gallery, the guide and customer loyalty in their purchases are essential.

Why choose to sell your artwork in an online art gallery?

First, works published in an online art gallery differ from traditional exhibitions. Leaving its visibility to a wider and more varied audience. Exhibitions and fairs require more investment and seem daunting for those new to the arts.  In addition, once you entrust your artwork to an online art gallery, it will serve as a springboard for you by promoting your masterpiece through their marketing and media technique.

Important points to remember when selling your artwork online?

Investing in art is one thing, selling is another. In order to gain a place in the art market, the estimation phase is an essential step. Sales sites will usually call upon art professionals for a free estimate of the art. This approach consists in evaluating the price and considering the art in relation to the technique used, the author, the style of the work. The more your work appears in rare styles, the more you will gain notoriety. Keep in mind that the originality of your work will impact on its influence.

Let yourself be guided by professionals in your online art purchases

For collectors and art lovers, it is easy to select from an online art gallery. As for amateurs, they need an initiation to better immerse themselves in the artistic world. In this perspective, the sites present guides to buying works of art: what kind of art meets the needs, so many questions that could arise in the minds of customers. So to start your purchase, the platform guides you through all the sections categorizing works of art (themes, periods of creation,). Once you have made your choice, a manager will put you in touch with the artist. Regarding the amount, it depends on the materials and techniques used, not to mention the size. Is it a marble or clay sculpture? The temporal dimensions of the work also determine the price of a masterpiece. If it is in a distant time, it could be devalued or overvalued. You will be entitled to a certificate of authenticity which will be given to you at the time of purchase. In addition, the payment method is secure, and you receive the package at home without having to travel.
Glass with golden inlays by Jean-Claude Novaro
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