Recipes and remedies to be in good health

To be able to assume our daily responsibilities or to have an independent and fulfilled life or simply to be happy, it is more than essential to stay healthy. Being healthy means feeling good in your body, feeling good in your head and free from all kinds of diseases. Moreover, to stay in top shape if possible, there are different recipes and remedies, knowing that remedy and health are two inseparable elements.

Strengthening our defences

To maintain good health, it is vital to further boost our defences. Indeed, we have natural resources that allow us to be protected from various external aggressions. First, it is necessary to take advantage of the virtues of natural light, not only to stimulate us, but also to provide us with vitamin D. Then there is sleep and rest, two effective remedies for a healthy body and mind. In order to strengthen our defences, it is also essential to practice regular physical activity, which is not necessarily sport. In addition, taking a little time for us: to relax, to meditate or even to enjoy the sunset can be essential. In addition to all this, there is also an essential remedy for maintaining an intact state of health, especially a smile. Even in difficult situations, you should always keep smiling, because it's good for your health!

Favour vitamins and trace elements

Yes, nutrition is the main pillar of health. The more balanced our diet is, the more likely we are to stay healthy for as long as possible. Every day, especially at every meal, it is important not to forget to eat organic fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. You just must vary them, because all fruits and vegetables are all good for you. If possible, fast food and foods with too many colours (soda, chips, syrup...) are to be avoided as plague. In addition, it is necessary to limit the consumption of red meat, large poison, foods rich in gluten, lactose and casein (yoghurt, cottage cheese, animal milks, cakes...). Foods rich in Omega-3 are beneficial for our heart, mood, memory: fatty fish, olive oil...

Pay attention to the use of medication

Faced with any health problem, we often tend to take a medication. By choosing this solution, we are just putting our health at risk, because in the long run, whatever drugs they are, will be harmful (because of the side effects). On the other hand, there are indeed purely natural remedies to maintain good health, especially plants and plants that only have real medicinal virtues offered by alternative medicines.
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