The main trends in digital and digital technology

In our daily lives and in our working lives, technology and digitization are now part of our current mores. We can see that every year that passes always has major digital and digital trends in store for us, given that technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Yes, the coming new year looks even more interesting!

The deployment of 5G

In France, the deployment of 4G has not yet been completed. While today, we are already talking about the network of the future, particularly the 5G network. Moreover, it will be accompanied by new offers and solutions that are both simple and interesting, and above all more competitive. The promised data rates may even exceed 10Gb/s, really fascinating! Compared to 3G and 4G, which were developed to meet our needs for Internet speed for our mobile uses, 5G is rather global and will make the world ultra-connected: smartphones, tablets, computers, connected cars, VR helmets, artificial intelligence and other connected objects. There are also other significant benefits: less latency, reduced energy consumption, and many others.

The evolution of artificial intelligence

When we talk about artificial intelligence, we often refer to science fiction works. Know that today, it is becoming more and more omnipresent. Artificial intelligence encompasses many theories and techniques used to shape machines that can simulate human intelligence: computers and programs that are fused to our intelligence and reinforced by technology. Artificial intelligence can give us different advantages in this case: the ability to reason, to process a large amount of data, to discern patterns and models that humans will not be able to detect, to easily capture and analyze models, to learn progressively... Since its creation, AI has never stopped evolving and has eventually surpassed humans. Today, it is a breakthrough for various software, especially those used in companies.

Other digital and digital trends

We can say that the famous blockchain has become very trendy now. This is a technology that allows information to be transmitted and stored in a secure and transparent way, without a central control body. It can be used either for asset transfer (currency, shares, securities, etc.), or to effectively track assets and products, or to automatically execute contracts. Then there are also native mobile applications designed specifically for an iOS operating system for Apple, Android and Microsoft. The native mobile application provides its users with many advantages in this case: optimized adaptation to the smartphone, impressive speed, access to the phone's native features (GPS and camera), offline mode, no need for installation, but work like mobile web pages... The only downside with this type of application is its price, which greatly exceeds all other mobile applications. Apart from 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain and native application, we can also mention other trends such as sculpins, connected clouds, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Internet of things (IoT)...
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