TV, books, art, cinema: what are the ways to enrich one’s culture?

Today, there are many ways to enrich our cultures. There are many choices between television, books, the arts and cinemas. Everyone is therefore free to choose their own means of cultural enrichment. And let's look in general at what all these means can bring us daily.

Enriching your culture through television

Currently, television is present daily in every household. Almost all households in France have a television set. There are many channels on television today, but are they only for our entertainment or intellectual enrichment? Certainly, television broadcasts information to place us in the news in which we find ourselves at the level of society. Through different programmes such as news programmes, documentaries on different topics, we learn new things every day. This allows us to better understand the things around us and to give our opinions, to share with others. Then, it allows us to deepen our knowledge about unknown areas. Nevertheless, we also see on television entertaining programmes, most of which are aimed at mass consumption. Things that are broadcast can sometimes shock and encourage the new generation to take drugs, have sex and even commit suicide. In the face of such developments, the emergence of television programmes can cause political and cultural problems. Thus, a challenge is posed to creators. They must consider the meaning of cultural messages through the feedback from their audience. This challenge will play an avant-garde role addressing the large mass and constitutes a barrier for the creator in his creation. It must be said that television has triggered a revolution of considerable magnitude in social culture. The public fascinated by television sees it as an extraordinary opening to the outside world. As a result, his cultural heritage is enriched by what he follows on television.

Culture through cinemas

Since the screening of the images in cinemas, the rise in evolution has been dazzling and the number of admissions to cinemas has increased steadily. This increase affects all categories of the population, but the vast majority are young people. Most of these young people are consumers of small screen film productions such as DVDs, but also on computers such as downloads and streaming. However, the large and small screens are very distinct modes of cinema distribution. Emblematic of sociability, watching a film in the cinema is like a cultural outing for leisure. The broadcasting of a film on television, on the other hand, is more related to family consumption. As for cinematographic tastes, young people tend to enjoy action and adventure films and horror films and show a marked lack of interest in documentaries or even historical films. In general, a cultural identity can be transmitted through cinemas. But it is undeniable that studies of cultural practices today are then less related to social origin than to age and gender in film.

Enrichment of culture through reading

These days, young people are increasingly losing interest in reading. Reading is on the decline and has been for several years now. It should be noted that the types of books that are popular vary with advancing age. And among young people, it is ordinary reading that prevails, not the so-called legitimate reading that the school values. The explanation for this decline in reading culture among young people is certainly due to the poor social support of books. Indeed, the book favours individual and very private consumption and does not present any time constraints like television where everyone gathers to see a program at the same time. As a result, social interaction exchanges are absent during book reading.

Enrichment of culture through the arts

Participating in cultural events such as exhibitions, concerts, etc. is a way to develop your artistic culture. Indeed, the simple fact of going to a museum, for example, only increases your interest for any artist by contemplating his works of art. Your curiosity pushes you to know more about his previous works, his history and why a possible meeting if possible. There is no shortage of ideas if you want to enrich your culture through the arts. You can go to the opera, go to a play, attend a conference, go to a festival, to a museum, etc. The goal is to enrich your culture, to always learn new things, to educate yourself in a thousand possible ways. In short, with the arts, you could only satisfy your thirst for knowledge while always learning new things repeatedly.
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