Lipstick, gloss: which one enhances your lips the most?

After the outfit, hairdressing and beauty accessories, make-up puts the finishing touch to her look. It is not necessary to take your time for a big make-up. A well-chosen lip gloss or lipstick can sometimes be enough to enhance its beauty. Moreover, it is an element of mouth make-up that is very well suited for everyday use. If you are more interested in enhancing your lips than your outfit, be aware that the choice of a lipstick or gloss must be made according to their shape. To better help you choose between a gloss and a lipstick, you should know your type of lips and the differences between gloss and lipstick.

A little bit of knowledge about the different lip shapes

The lips are the superficial part of the mouth. Because of this, whether we are talking about the shape of his mouth or that of his lips, it is the same thing. Apparently, there is no exact shape of lips, but there are three main general types: thin lips, pulpy lips and fleshy lips. This distinction is characterized by the volume of the lips. So, small mouth or large, we can naturally have these types of lips. Thin lips have a less remarkable volume and size. They are most often in an extended form. The pulpy lips, on the other hand, are considered as sensual and generous lips. Most women envy this type of lips. On the other hand, fleshy lips are very thick and remarkable. However, we can have an asymmetric mouth, i. e. the volume of each lip differs. For example, one can have a fleshy upper lip and a thin or pulpy lower lip, or the other way around.

The distinctions between lipstick and gloss

Whether it is a lipstick or a gloss, they have the same purpose, which is to give the final touch to your mouth make-up. However, these are two very different elements. A lipstick is a solid make-up with a solid mouth, but which melts on application. It is placed in a strong and opaque plastic container to keep its texture. A lipstick is mainly composed of intense colouring pigment, stabilizer and wax to give a better resistance to the day. It is mainly used to colour and structure lips, but also to make them attractive. As for the gloss, it is more fluid. As soon as it appeared, gloss was mainly in a transparent version, but nowadays, it was found in all colours fresher than lipstick. Gloss is mainly composed of moisturizing and nourishing lip care agents. Thus, it is ideal for restructuring chapped lips. But it is also used to lightly colour the lips, while giving shine. Gloss is less resistant than lipstick. That's why we reapply it from time to time.

What to choose to make up your lips: a lipstick or a gloss?

As long as you know how to bring out the colour with the shape of your lips, with the style of your outfit, with your hair or the colour of your complexion, you can apply a lipstick or a gloss, it doesn't matter. Indeed, the colour of the make-up is to be considered to bring out the shape of her lips, or to restructure them instantly. Dark colours are known to refine silhouettes, especially those of the lips. For example, for full lips, choose lipsticks with intense dark colours, such as mats for example. Avoid applying gloss to avoid making your lips look thicker. For thin lips, glosses are more recommended. Indeed, the oily texture of the gloss increases the volume of your lips. For the colour, choose the one that suits your skin. The female advantage of full lips is that they are versatile. Whether it's for a lip gloss or lipstick, they can do anything. However, small, thin mouths can tempt satin or lacquered lipsticks, but with a lighter colour.

What if we combine the two?

It is quite possible to apply both a lipstick and a gloss on your lips. Normally, lipstick is put on her mouth before lip gloss. But if you have full lips, reverse the application. Apply lipstick after the gloss to reduce the oily and greasy effects of the gloss. For other lip shapes: fleshy and pulpy, use colours to bring out the combination. In this case, lip gloss is used to give shine to your lipstick. There are even special glosses after lipstick to strengthen its hold longer. In some cases, such as chapped lips for example, a combined application of both is recommended for an anterior action.
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