Prevent strenuousness in the workplace and develop a prevention plan

If you are a company director or manager, you should know that, in recent years, psychosocial risks at work have been more widely considered and considered. Occupational health has become an essential issue in the professional context. To enable your employees to thrive in their workplace, and thus give you the best of themselves, it is important to do everything possible to prevent all forms of psychosocial and occupational risks.

Toughness at work, a major phenomenon

When we talk about strenuousness in the workplace, it can affect a wide variety of elements, but also contexts. All professional circles are a priori concerned: multinationals and small companies, the private and public sectors, higher socio-professional categories such as volunteers from the voluntary sector. But what is less well known is that strenuousness at work can take many forms. Physical risks in strenuous jobs are relatively easy to observe. Psychosocial risks, on the other hand, are the most difficult to detect, as they are not necessarily visible from the outside. It is not always easy for an entrepreneur or team leader to be aware of all the risks that exist, and especially to be able to detect them in his employees. That's why there are now training courses on strenuousness at work that will teach you to know and recognize all the symptoms inherent in this complex phenomenon. To get a better idea of what hard training can look like at work, you can take a look at You will find all the necessary information in no time.

A collective awareness in recent years

Nowadays, occupational health is an issue that no company manager, director or manager can decently ignore. The occupational risks faced by your employees are very numerous and varied, and they can have a disastrous long-term impact, both for them and for you. It is for this reason that we have recently seen a real awareness of all the actors in the world of work, who have decided to unite in order to work together towards better prevention of occupational risks. Because even if trade union and employee representatives have been working there for a long time, they cannot make things happen if they are not supported by employers. Working conditions will never be improved if efforts come from only one side. Nevertheless, sometimes the opposite happens: some company managers are aware of the psychosocial risks at work faced by their employees, whereas they are not necessarily aware of them. For years, they have been exposed to occupational risks on the mental or physical level without even realizing it, and their health is gradually deteriorating without them being able to do anything about it.

Improving working conditions to increase productivity

Today, it has therefore become the priority within all French companies and institutions. To be effective, the fight against psychosocial risks in the workplace must be carried out on all fronts. For employees, it is directly related to their health, physical integrity and psychological well-being. For employers, it is above all a question of respect, but also an economic issue. Having happy and fulfilled people working will bring a lot to your company. Relaxed, refreshed and refreshed employees when starting their day will make them much more efficient, motivated and productive than if they are tired and unwilling on a daily basis. Thanks to training on the difficulty at work, you will probably boost the performance of your employees' activities, and therefore the results of your business. By implementing a strong policy around the prevention of occupational risks, you have everything to gain. If your employees feel safe in their workplace, if they can keep up the energy throughout the week, they will have fewer dietary decreases and will make all their abilities available to you.

Internships and prevention plans to help you

In order to help you to know, anticipate and effectively combat psychosocial risks at work, you can carry out internships or training courses on this theme with specialized organizations. You can't always rely on your instincts or personal impressions to detect personal problems that are often much more entrenched and complex than you think. Moreover, psychological risks do not always appear in the open and do not necessarily appear on people's faces. However, they will have a major impact on a person's ability to work, who will regularly be affected by depression or burn-out. Awareness and prevention are the best ways to help you get to know your employees better, and to learn to care for and preserve them so that they always give you the best of themselves, both in the short and long term. In the end, in addition to being happy to see them working in a fulfilling way, you will quickly notice the improvements and best performances of your economic activity. Do not hesitate to register for a program or training on the topic of strenuousness in the workplace.
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